Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Please welcome William...

i think we have another shy one,come on william be a big brave boy...

Thats it slowly does it....William is the someone special i wanted to introduce you too...

Introducing William,my gorgeous Ridi bear....
Another ridi to add to the gang...& look what william arrived with a postcard of one of his siblings & a little bag of haribo teddies for his new sweet!

William arrived all the way from germany last thursday...i couldnt wait to get the box open as i walked home from the post office..i knew there was something very special inside...& there was even more special than i had william had a special surprise for me!
After i had carefully unpacked him & oooed & rrrd i opened williams tag to look at his details & had the most lovely surprise...ridi bears come with their date of birth & williams had so much meaning for is 26th August which is my darling nans birthday who we lost eight years ago..i just couldnt believe it...the tears started to roll down my cheeks,the tissues came of my life was looking at his mummy with great concern & trying to love me better.
The first thing to do was phone & tell my mum as i knew mum would think it just as lovely especially as a few days before it had been eight years since we lost my we decided nan had sent william to me...thankyou nan..i love you will all my heart.xx
I dont believe this i have just deleted three lovely pics of william...william didnt start life as william he started life as 'nick',which i thought was a bit i decided to call him 'william' after my grandad,i think he looks like a william dont you?...william has a wonderful wrinkly tummy & wears a wonderful rusty old bell around his neck...Rita has aged him,so that he looks like he has been around for years & had lots of cuddles...william now sits on a chair next to my bed..were he watches over me while i sleep or normally do!! Bit of a sore point..if i dont get a good nights sleep soon there could be a murder!!

Here are the Ridi Gang....
From the back left: william,tommi.jussuf & tinchin at the front....i could eat you all sooooo scrummy..... now i have deleted about five pics now so i am going to add them again now which means this is a bit muddled,so sorry folks!! And there goes another!! keep smiling!!
X ~ HaPpY mIdWeEk~ X


  1. How very sweet! You have such a lovely collection of teddy bears. Each have their own individual personality.
    Isabelle x

  2. your bears are lovely, a great collection x

  3. Welcome William Ridi! How perfect that he is a reminder of your Nan! Meant to be wouldn't you say?

    Sarah x

  4. Hello Heidi and welcome William, he is rather gorgeous! Ilove the thought that your nan sent him to you, and that you called him William, how cool is that! x x x x

  5. What a cutie, I love his face!

  6. he is lovely...I am so happy to be in my bed at last...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. He is very sweet - what a lovely addition to the family!

    Pomona x