Wednesday, 7 October 2009

don't be shy...

come on,don't be shy....

that's it slowly does it....

all these lovely people are waiting to meet you...

& here he is,well done!!
introducing Albus....

Albus is who i have been going to introduce you all too..
Albus is the latest edition to my bear hug...

blow i've just deleted a picture!!..

Albus is by Gail Thornton of Bisson Bears & is one of my favourite artists...
I only discovered gail's wonderful bears last year,through the lovely helen of 'cocoa & blankets' thankyou helen. x

Gail just has this wonderful talent,i have never known bears with such amazing expressions,gail just gets it so right...all of gails bears have wonderful soulful eyes,they look at you as if they know what you are thinking & without sounding creepy their eyes seem to follow you around the room,you feel you could tell them everything & that they would understand!!...

Albus is one of my largest bears,my largest of gail's,albus has three bisson brothers which can be seen on the right with all my pics...there will soon be another edition to the bisson boys...i took albus to my bear club i go to once a month & he was rather popular to say the least!!...i had to keep a close eye on him,incase anyone tried to stuff him up their jumper!! my goodness the thought of a bear napping!! my bear friend from the club was going all gooey over albus,she could'nt get over his wonderful eyes,could you angela?!!

the attention to detail is wonderful...

i think you have seen these before...

and this is were albus sits on his throne,when he's not raiding the honey pot that is!!...watching the tele out the corner of his eye...

well today has been another funny day weather wise,dry this morning but since lunch time the rain has been falling...i managed to salvage what small amount of dried lavender i had before it started,its not a great colour but smells lovely...the aroma hits you as you walk into the kitchen..

i will be sprinkling some of this in someone's parcel i am posting tomorrow...

and this little man is feeling a little under the weather today...he has a rumbling is his of my life did'nt want his krispies this morning so i knew something was up...bless him.xx

tomorrow i am meeting a old childhood friend who i havent seen in thirteen years on my wedding day & before that we were still little we will have lots to catch up on!!
bye for now.....xx


  1. Albus is lovely, he looks so real with a very gentle look in his eyes. It really is beautifully made.
    I do hope Oscar perks up soon, maybe he's not liking this damp weather.
    How exiting to meet up with a friend you haven't seen in so long! I'm sure you'll both have fun recalling many things.
    Isabelle x

  2. Heidi, Albus' face reminds me of a dear little dog we had when I was a child - chocolate button eyes, deep with wisdom..I love him, you are so lucky to have him!
    Sorry to hear your little man is under the weather, hope he soon feels better and its nothing too serious.
    Enjoy your meet up with your old friend! How exciting for you both after such a long time!

    Sending love
    Julia x

  3. The bear has the most beautiful face! I love his soulful eyes and dark nose. I hope your little dog is feeling better soon and that you enjoy a day out with an old friend.

  4. wow, how cool is that bear, i love bears too and have several sitting about the house, mainly Boyds bears and even a little steiff! We used to have a bear shop in St.Ives but they moved, i used to love mooching around that shop!Actually there is another shop in town which has steiff bears upstairs, hmm i'd forgotten about that!!Have a good week x x

  5. oh, i'm sorry i forgot to say, hope the little fella is feeling better!

  6. Albus is adorable! What a gorgeous little face.
    I hope little man gets better soon, too x

  7. Your new bear is wonderful! I really like your little terrier....he is so darn cute! Hmmm...he looks like a great model for my next dog :) -- hope he gets well soon!

  8. Oh he looks lovely, I will have to send you some pictures of Polly and my huge Bisson panda ...I would love another they are lovely. Their is a fair on saturday near me and guess what - I am working and hugs H

  9. I don't know why but bloglines don't seem to be notifying me when you blog Heidi...grrr! Lovely bear and I am with you on the expression. Amazing work isn't it? x

  10. What a nice guy! I like you new bear! Wish you good meeting,I'm sure you have a lot of topics to discus.