Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Shed come studio...

Our little shed has been many things in it's lifetime..a summer house..a shed & now a studio!

Well it is still a shed as storage space is precious at 'snowdrop cottage'..but a little corner of it has now become my studio. Somewhere i can paint without having to put everything away everytime i paint.

Hubby has made sure everything is water tight by refelting the roof& insulting it so it is now nice & snug!

My jugs of brushes & a picture of my dear freind julie to help inspire me.

Some of my many pictures again for inspiration.

A girl has to have bunting!! Now i have covered my work bench in a matching oil cloth incase of spiliges!!

Here is the piece i am working on at the moment..almost done pics to follow.

And not forgetting my little helpers who sit at mummys feet while she paints!