Monday, 22 February 2010

For sale...

From my own private bear collection...
Are required for these little sweeties....loving homes i must add with lots of hugs...

Let me introduce you who is a limited edition 1 of 2. measuring from the tip of her ears to the tip of her toes 17 ''. Made from mohair as are all my collectors bears....these are not intended as toys.

This is Acorn & his little monkey friend who are one of a kind...acorn measures 15''. monkey measures 8''. Very weighty this many midnight feasts of honey & nuts!!

Sweet little abraham..a traditional little chap again one of a kind,measuring 8''.

Pretty mathilda in her best edition 1 of 10,measuring 6''.

Wonderful zoe who is one of a kind..with the most beautiful eye lashes,i always feel pictures never do zoe justice...she is much more stunning in the furr. Measuring 17''.

And now 'sally' well that is what i have named twinkle moon some of who you will know from the land of blog. Sally is made beautifully again a collectors piece & comes with her tag as do all the bears..measuring 23''.

I am umming & arrrring about i dont i?!! Very pretty in a pale dusky pink mohair with lace shawl & pearl around her of a kind,measuring 8 1/2''.
If you would like any more information or pics of any of this little darlings you know you only have to ask....they are all lovely pieces from a smoke free home
Sorry i havent blogged for nearly a week there seems to be so much going on at the moment...i have another busy week ahead of me again..hope you all have a good one.
Bye for now from me & the bears (oops & sally)!! xx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

& then there were two!!

Love of my life is famous!! He has a double how lucky am i?!!
Oscar number two was my valentines presi from mr he was very much in my good books!!

Some of you may recognise 'oscar' he started life as 'william' but we had it changed through doggy depol!! Oscar is created by the lovely nicky of the vintage magpie,who many of you will already know. You can find nicky here
Nicky done a post on oscar on her blog last week....nicky had used love of my life as her inspiration to make oscar (william)...i was so chuffed & proud of my handsome little man!!
He is tri colour just like love of my life & wears a bandana too!!

& he has those jack russell ears..

So today i thought i would see just how clever oscar was...we started with some spelling with the building blocks but as you can see it didnt go to well...thats not how you spell oscar now is it?!!

Oscar has made friends with dear old rupert another of nickys creations...

Rupert was no help on the spelling front either..back to school for these two i think!

So we turned to the abacus for some counting ..1 2 3 4

Uumm i think this friendship might take some working on....
Hope that you all had lovely the way the trifle went down a treat! x

Saturday, 13 February 2010

The way to Mr H's heart is...

a sherry trifle....& seeing as it is a day for LuRrVve tomorrow i thought i would whip him one up.
It is now hiding in the back of the fridge,not the easiest of things to hide really!!
And of course he has a bag of goodies too..i got this sweet little clay heart when we were in norfolk last weekend.

There is something about hearts isnt there?

No matter what shape...

or size.
I think i have a heart in every room of snowdrop cottage...

I must show you my hyacinths..look how they have grown & flowered,they smell lovely!

They seem to be quite happy on my kitchen window ledge...

I have to move them at night or my tai would eat them during the night...he is rather partial to anything of the green plant variety!

I felt we needed a splash of colour at snowdrop cottage this week so i bought a couple of bunches of daffs from mr m & s...they have filled two vases beautifully.

They too have a glorious scent....

& really brighten the room...especially on these dark gloomy days.

What ever you are doing tomorrow,how ever you are celebrating the day of love have a wonderful time!!
Let me know how you celebrate well if you can that is,hehe!!
We are going to our favourite thai restaurant,yummy cant wait!!
See you next week when i will take you to 'cley next the sea',....bye for now. xx

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Today we go to Holkham beach...

Please let me take you on a walk on the wonderful Holkham beach....i have wanted to go to holkham since i saw a painting of it by one of my favourite artists.
Dawn had been lucky enough to photograph the beach on a glorious sunny day,which wasnt quite the case when we went saturday...but this dosent bother us as we always think the coastline looks beautiful no matter what the weather...we like to see the changing moods.
Well when we went saturday there was a thick sea mist,you could only just see a short distance in front of you..Holkham beach is so vast...the sea is in the distance when you first get on the beach,we could'nt even see the sea until we got up close.

The beach streches over four miles of white gold sand with wonderful dunes & reeds which i love.
The film 'shakespeare in love' was filmed here on the beach...
I just love walking through the dunes with the sounds of the sea in the distance...

Even though there were plenty of people out for their saturday stroll they seemed miles didnt come face to face with anyone just saw their silhouttes in the distance. Lovely just how i like it!!

I love this picture of this couple who were clearly 'loved up'...walking hand in hand by the shore...
Aha the was definatly worth the wait....

The sandy pools on the beach were a glorious colour of oranges & golds...

The view through the reads....this would make a lovely painting..uummmm!!

Mr h & love of my life amongst the dunes....

Can you see the people the other side of the water through the mist?

Time for a cuddle...

Weathered by the sea...

We decided to pop back again on monday on our way too Burnham today there was no mist but guess what there was snow!!

It was quite magical walikng on a beautiful beach on a beautiful coastline in the snow....

The snow was catching on the loose fluffy sand...

Wait for me dad i only have little legs!!

Love of my life likes to leave his mark....ickle paw prints..x

Now this last picture i found on the internet to give you a idea of what it looks like on a fine day...isnt it just stunning?
I cant wait to go back again...if you put in holkham beach norfolk you will be able to find plenty of information & pictures about it.
Hope you enjoyed your time i will take you to 'cley-next-the-sea'.
Bye for now. xx