Monday, 26 October 2009

Christmas has arrived...

Well christmas seems to have arrived here in our little market has arrived at 'Evans' a beautiful home & interiors shop at the top of the town...i dont ever remember them decorating their window ready for christmas this seems to start earlier every year.
it does take the magic away from it....dont you think?...the pics dont do the window display justice..the twinkly lights were alight on the the reindeer in the pic above...
well it will either make you go aahh lovely christmas or it will make you cringe at the end of october!!
just a quickie today...i havent forgotten my special little someone i have to introduce you too..on my next post...bye for now...x


  1. I moan 'its too early' but then secretly love it. The weeks seem to whizz by but it does seem a tad too early.

  2. 'Ohhhh' too soon - 'tis lovely though.

    Nina x

  3. ooh i would stand for ages looking at that window, i love christmassy things. Can't wait to see your new friend!! x x x

  4. Oh what a lovely shop - you lucky thing!We don't get many Sia products down here in Devon.As an ex retailer I never know what to say about the 'Christmas Issue' as I LOVE it!Anything that looks so pretty can't be bad can it?? Its only 8 weeks to get EVERYTHING done!!Keep the magic in your heart!I do! I love your blog!
    Warm Wishes,

  5. Too soon really, but it actually isn't that long to go is it Heidi? Pretty windown anyway and I do love Christmas xx

  6. Heidi, I agree with you - it is too early! Lovely displays though. Your teddies (more recent post) are very cute. Best wishes. Lesely