Sunday, 1 November 2009

Let us tell you a story...

The inside sleeve decorated in playfull bears...

Three chubby baby-bears,
white,and black and brown,
Fluffy,Nig and Dingy,
How they came to town.

Where Fluffy found her bread and milk;
Why Nig liked honey best;
Where Dingy found the berries;
And-the story tells the rest!
This is on the inside sleeve,a greeting from a grandma to her little grandson on his first birthday,which we think is august 10th 1910.

Lovely illustrations..

Why they left the town....
Jolly little baby-bears woke at break of day,and found their breakfast ready,but puck had gone away.
Merry little baby-bears,thankful as could be,wrote to puck a letter,and pinned it on a tree.
Wondering little baby-bears strolling into town,first were glad then sorry,to meet the circus clown.
''watch out'',cried the friendly clown,''the circus comes to-day,and heres a notice saying:-''three cubs have ran away.''
Frightened little baby-bears asked the nearest way to leave the town behind them-then the band began to play!
How those frightened baby-bears,white and black and brown,fluffy,nig and dingy,hustled out of town.
Racing,puffing baby-bears nearly dead from fright,tried hiding in a city,and all got lost that night.
Lost and lonesome baby-bears,did they meet again? May be not-may be their story'll tell us when.~
I bought this delightful little childrens book a good few years ago now, from the antiques mill were i have my unit. It is part of a series,''little mother series'',by john howard jewett.
Inside are some lovely illustrations with six stories in all. I wonder how many times these stories have been told to help get a little one to sleep...
Love of my life wasnt to impressed,instead was enjoying a cuddle with mr h...
I hope that you have all had lovely weekends,wet & windy here today. We have been out for a lovely lunch with my mum & dad to celebrate their wedding anniversary which is tomorrow 39 years!
HaVe A hApPy mOnDaY!! X


  1. Hello Heidi
    gorgeous book, I love the inside cover and the illustrations, very inspiring very printable, fabric wise ha ha....
    I loved reading and being read to, now where is my book..
    Love and hugs Lynn xxx

  2. Beautiful book isn't it Heidi. Love the illustrations too xx

  3. What a lovely book, nice to have. Not very bloggy at the moment,started painting in the house and its snowballing, you know, once you paint one room it shows up the rest and then theres the clutter to clear, to the tip tomorrow!!!!! Hopefully i will be all ready for Christmas! x x x

  4. Oh its nice to catch up with you at last Heidi! I adore your bears, your cupcakes look out of this world scrumptious, and what a splendid little book, it really took me back to being a little girl again!

    With love
    Julia xxx

  5. That inscription is so poignant - what a lovely book to have.

    Pomona x