Monday, 16 November 2009

Our Trip To The Fair...

This is Chipping Sodbury...
Little streets with stone cottages...

& some pretty little shop windows...

& this very pretty pink florists...

& this bakers who have won awards for their scrummy cakes..

& these marvelous meringues like snowballs!!..

And now down to business...this is were we went on the handmade & vintage fair at chipping sodbury..And what a fab fair it was too full of lovely treasures & lovely bloggers!!
We left home at 7.00am saturday morning in the heavy rain & black clouds,on the way we stopped for breakfast & arrived at chipping sodbury just before 11.00am.
The rain was still falling,the pretty high street was very busy,so off we went to park.
Arriving at the town hall were the fair was held we were met with lots of people,it was so busy!!
The fair opened at 10.00am,i think people were queing to get in!!
We made our way through to our friend jane of 'jane & the happy crow' to say hello & then off we set for a look around...please join us...
This was the main hall...

This stand was nostalgia at the stone house which can be found here

This is the lovely michelles of 'cowboys & custard' who can be found here

And these little sweeties belong to lovely nicki (lovely to meet you at last nicki) of 'the vintage magpie,find nicki here

This pretty stand with lovely treasures is gertie & christine...beautiful

More treasure by christine of 'the sea garden' portscatho' cornwall...

christine again..if you have never been to the Sea Garden then you really must will be so glad you is the sweetest little shop full of wonderful items made by christine & other artists..jane (happy crow) also displays her wonderful work there...

Drum roll please...this is our dear friend jane's stand,you can just see jane grinning in the background...

You can find jane at

Handmade christmas cards & printed ribbon..just some of janes handy work...

Jane also made these vintage style necklaces,are'nt they sweet...especially the one with the terrier doggy..i wonder why i like that one?!!
We had a wonderful time at the fair,we met some lovely bloggers & came home with some lovely treasure & lots of happy is definatly worth a visit,this was the christmas fair but they also have a spring fair.
We were even served tea & cakes on vintage china..scrummy cakes they were too!!
After a wonder around the pretty little town we set off back to the carpark with our goodie bags & set off to our hotel...

Sorry uploaded the wrong way,we were staying at a premier inn, something new to us as we always go self catering in a little cottage...but this made a nice change,very relaxing. After our evening meal & a few wines we retired to our room & our very comfy snug bed for a goods night sleep...sshh..

After a goods night sleep we awoke all refreshed & went down to a full english breakfast...before our journey was a lovely dry bright morning & a pleasant journey home....

Please dont ask me what road we were on,i am a woman!! Map reading not being my strong point,thats why we have 'nancy' the sat nav!! Thanks nanc..

Now what treasures did i buy? Well this sweet little bag has a gift in it for my lovely mum...
This bag was from christine...
i love anything with shells..

& look what was inside this pretty decoration made by christine...i just love these.
Just wait until you see my christmas tree next month!!

The Homes & Antiques magazine were there too with lots of goodies to be had...a bag with the november & december issue & a notebook all for £3.00, bargain!!

A soft chocolate brown scarf..sorry i cant remember who i got this from!!

I love stripes,this ticking is going to make another neckerchief for love of my life & someone else who you will meet shortly...this was from donna at

A old building block to accesorise my bears from the lovley michelle at

More of christines decorations,these are christmas presents...

And this very special box is to be added to my collection for the christmas tree this year...

I'm not going to show you what this is or there will be no surprises...again by christine & it is for christmas....

Who do these botty's belong too?!! I cant wait any longer i must introduce you too...

My new friend...this very well loved & special old donkey,who i adopted form jane....

isn't he lovely...i was very lucky to get him,after we had adopted him a few people were asking after him. Lucky me!

What shall i call him? Eyore keeps coming to mind,but i want something more unusual,any ideas?.. Now he does have a purpose too..he has a fellow rider!!

And here he is!! O i am sooooo in LOVE,with this little chap...please let me introduce you too 'Rupert' by nicki at the vintage magpie...i have had my eye on him for a while & could'nt resist any longer!! Rupert too was in demand on the day..i was lucky again!!

I have plans for these guys for christmas...

isnt he just adorable...does he remind you of anyone very dear to my heart?....

Rupert even has a big jingley bell around his neck...
I hope you enjoyed your walk around the fair & like my treasures as much as me!!
We had a wonderful weekend..thankyou Mr H for taking me,love you lots!x
I did miss one special little someone though,very much!! Love of my life who stayed with his nannie,i have only left him for one night before & he will be 5 years old next month!! He is making me suffer for it though i am certainly not getting much loving!! xx
Thankyou for popping by to say hello you lovely bloggers who i met saturday for the first time!....bye for now.xx


  1. hello You! It was lovely to see you both, and thank you for holding the fort so I could look round. I have had more interest by email for the donkey so good job you got him! I always thought of him as Wilbur as its a bit of a sad name and he does look a bit droopy! I bet that little boy is glad to have you back even if he is making you suffer for leaving him! my little girl just keeps giving me kisses! lots of love to you both, Jane xx

  2. Your scarf looks quite similar to the one I bought from The Washerwoman! Mine was electric blue. And Princess B bought one of those lovely heart decorations for her grandma. If I'd known you were going I could have brought your PIF, too! Well done for taking such lovely photos.

    Pomona x

  3. What a great day you had, it looks brilliant, great photos. I love, love, love your donkey and i would call him Duncan! Rupert is lovely too, can't wait to see them at christmas x x x

  4. That looks like it was a fantastic fair! Beautiful items you bought, I am a little jealous! x

  5. OMG - would have loved to be there!
    What a wonderful fair!
    Thanks for the great pics! And what a wonderful addition to your family you did! Love that donkey well loved!
    Greetings from Germany - Marion

  6. You came back with some beautiful things! Rupert is so sweet! Even though I am more of a cat person than a dog person, I would love to add Rupert to my growing collection of bunnies.
    So many bloggers that I didn't meet in the end! Too busy looking at all the goodies on the stalls!
    Isabelle x

  7. Hi H,
    It was great to meet you!
    You adopted donkey!...I asked Jane about him/her today! so pleased he/she has gone to a good home. Wilbur? Huh?
    Oh and Rupert, just delightful.
    So pleased you had a good weekend. Speak soon

  8. OH THAT DONKEY.. he is so cute! Glad to see Rupert is settling in nicely! Not long til the next fair! x

  9. Hi, looks like you had fun at the fair. I would have loved to have gone, but a little bit far. Love those hearts you have purchased, great taste. Why not pop over I'm having a giveaway.

  10. Love, love, love your purchases (and your pics of the fair). I missed this one due to a double booking...sob..sob!!

    Pleased you had a brilliant time ...who wouldn't, those blogging ladies are lovely and it's SO nice to put faces to names and Blog addresses isn't it?

    I'll be popping back to read some more of your blog, it's lovely!

    Sue xx

  11. So pleased you had a good time (and that the food at the hotel was ok!!)

    Lovely buys - especially Rupert!


  12. ohhhh Nicki made me a rupert...mine is calledd Archie and he lives in the sitting room...they should be H

  13. Hi Heidi,
    What a great post - Its lovely to be reminded of such a wonderful day ... I adore your purchases; Rupert and your donkey look made for each other.
    Thank you for the link to my blog - very kind.

    Hope your little one has forgiven you know!