Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hume Sweet Hume...

When flicking through the november issue of the lovely 'country homes & interiors' magazine...

I thought this looks like scrummy stuff,then i realised i have some of these lovely items...

Made by 'Hume Sweet Hume' in orkney by two sisters...oohh my you should see were they live & have their wonderful business...
Here is some of the info from one of their tags,sorry forgot to rotate the photo,hope that you are all good at reading sideways!!

And here is my lovely bag in a slate grey,well they call it mint?It is part of the 'grobust' design,52% silk,48% lambswool..with a lovely design on one side & a plainer design on the other..

The bag fastens with a loop & a wonderfully smooth pebble...

I bought the brooch seperatly & added it to the bag...

Even the brooch has a lovely pebble...

I have a purse to match..

Each item comes with a tag & a lovely i use as a bookmark...

These clever girls make jumpers,cardi's & scarfs along with the bags,purses & brooches in different designs & colours...if you fancy taking a peek here is were to find

Iwas lucky enough to stumble across their lovely items when on holiday in wonderful cornwall from christines at the seagarden portscatho..
Take a will be glad you did!!..


  1. What a really lovely bag - it is certainly beautiful work. I will have to go and have a look at their website!

    Pomona x

  2. Morning Heidi. I have come across them and their work in a few magazines, and have been really impressed. Such beautiful simplicity in their styles. Love your pieces. Have a lovely day x

  3. I love their stuff too, I have a lot of their bits and pieces but not jumpers as they are always too small for my ample frame...their life looks idylic doesnt it...

  4. I thought it looked familiar!
    I am a big fan of the Sea Garden too and always go on a little pilgramige there every time I am in Cormwall. I really love the pebbles!

    Sarah x

  5. Hello Heidi,
    I just wanted to let you know that you have won my button heart wreath giveaway over on my blog !!
    So if you want to email me via my profile page email, I will post it on to you with some other suprise little bits! Congratulations xx Tina xx

  6. Heidi - just to let you know that I've done your PIF parcel and it will be posted today or tomorrow, so you should get it fairly soon!

    Pomona x

  7. Thank you for the link - I still haven't opened my copy yet so I'm off to check out.

  8. Beautiful blog xx wow i love that article on those sisters! lovely! makes things that little bit more special when there's a story in their creations. love the bag and broach!
    you have a wonderful style in your home the stuff dreams are made of glad i found your blog ;0)x

  9. Lovely to meet you yesterday at the V&H fair. Hope you had a great day :-)
    Donna x

  10. How lovely I'm sorry to have missed this issue, I met them once at the Country Living Fair and they are so nice.
    Hugs Lynn xxx