Friday, 20 November 2009

Another Week Gone...

I do love to recieve parcels through the post....especially when you dont know whats inside.!!
I have been very lucky this week to recieve two parcels from lovely bloggers...
The first was from pomona of little cottage comforts who made me the lovely knitted pieces above in my favourite colours...two lavendar filled hearts,a dishcloth & a very pretty brooch...
I won these through PIF which i will also be taking part this space! So thankyou pomona x.
The second parcel was from Tina of mollimoo i was lucky enough to be picked after leaving a comment about which was my favourite item in tina's etsy shop!
I won the sweet button heart above & also recieved all the other goodies below!
So thankyou too tina. x

Another week nearly over,were does the time go? I cant believe that it is nearly a week since the vintage & handmade fair...thanks for all your lovely comments left.
It has been a week for nice warming soup for lunch...

And nice shiny clemantines...i am not a lover of fruit & never eat any..but we are trying to eat a bit healthier!!....

Yesterday i met a friend in colchester for lunch & a bit of christmas shopping!!
I was pleased with what i achieved & as you can see i came home with quite a few bags..i love loading the bags up onto the backseat of the gives me a nice warm satisfied feeling...i know odd!! But we all have our funny little ways!!
I got some great bargains too...Debenhams have 25% off & half price on other items...i even got my party frock!!
After reading nicki at the vintage magpies post about the christmas house which was issued in 'country living' i had to get a issue..packed full of lovliness!!

And what a place to live..blissss no one in site surrounded my fields & look at that lovely snow!!
Christmas picture postcard or what?!! A lovely tale too,this lady rescues collie dogs...i just love people who have time for our furry friends....

Today has been spent doing jobs & cleaning!! What joy!!
The Bathroom...

& the kitchen..

& the never ending recycling...

Well whatever you are doing this weekend have lots of fun...we are off to a charity event organsied by Mr H's friend...last year i won two raffle prizes!! Fingers crossed!! x


  1. It's been my pleasure! Thank you for the mention. I'm glad you liked my little parcel x

  2. Hi Heidi - I've been reading lots of your comments on other people's blogs so thought I'd come and say hello. How lucky you are to win all this wonderfulness. I never win anything but perhaps that's because I never enter - hmmm!!


  3. I'm glad it all arrived safely and that you liked your little bits and pieces! I always think clementines are one of the best bits about Christmas - I love them so much.

    Pomona x

  4. Ooh lovely goodies there Heidi. I have the cleaning to do yet, hence I am on the computer! Ah well, have a good time at the charity event x

  5. Hi Heidi, I love those hearts too, something different. You have some really yummy gifts there.
    Carol x