Saturday, 30 January 2010

YuMmY iN mY tUmMY...

What am i making?...
One of my favourite dishes...macaroni cheese...

Which was last nights tea...its a lovely dish & so filling,i thought i would share it with you.
The ingredients are above & here is the method...
Cook your pasta,rinse,drain & set to one side...

Melt your butter/marg on a very low heat,then add the flour.Cook for a few minutes constantly stirring.
Gradually add the milk & bring the sauce to the boil,stirring constantly. Simmer gently for 2/3 mins.
Remove from the heat & season well with salt & pepper.
Add the macaroni & 5oz of the grated cheese & combine well.
Pour the mixture into your dish & sprinkle the remaining cheese over the top.
Brown under a hot grill & serve immediately.
DA DA....

And serve with garlic bread...yummy yummy!!

Let me know if you try it or what your favourite dish is that i could try out but please remember i am a vegetarian!!
Mr h is golfing today so i have been doing odd jobs along with the dreaded weekly visit to mr tesco' of love of my lifes favourite teds had to have some plastic surgery today as he had got rather rough with him & when shook vigorously stuffing flew everywhere like a snow storm & quite frankly mummy was getting very fed up of picking it all up from through out the house!!
Love of my life looked very worried when he saw him mummy sticking this sharp pointy thing into his teds had to give big ted a big cuddle afterwards to make sure he wasnt too traumatised by the experience!!
I have been meaning to get some hyacinths for the last few weeks & today managed to pick some up in tesco's,i think its a pink one...they are not open yet...
Watch this space....
Well that me for off to munch on another favourite...a pecan & maple twist!
Have a happy weekend....x


  1. Hello Heidi,Your macaroni cheese looks great! Lovely photos of your Oscar. I haven't got any Hyacinths yet, must get some x x x

  2. Such a gorgeous picture of a puppy cuddle! They really are the best hugs in the world! Your macaroni cheese looks tyummy too! Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

    Sarah x

  3. Oh Oscar, I hope your mum did a good job on poor old Ted. Midge has a BagPuss that suffers from the same malady. Did John enjoy his dinner? Shame you cant get to the fair, but I hope we see you while you are down here. Jane xxxxx

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  5. Hello, just found your blog...
    The picture of your puppy with Ted is simply fabulous! Soo sweet you did some plastic surgery on that poor boy... I always have to do the same with my furry girl's soft toys and teddies!;))
    Gorgeous bears in your sidebar, and the pecan and maple twist looks soooo yummy!
    Have a nice week,

  6. Sorry for the previous mess, Heidi, it looks like we cannot change/add anything without deleting! :(

  7. Mmmm pecan and pecan and maple twist!! My absolute favorite! I have to have that every sunday!
    We call it pecanotenkoek,
    I love your blog and your dog! You have so much lovely pictures!
    I will visit again soon :)