Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Vintage Bunnie & a Prim Bear....

Look what father christmas bought me...firstly let me introduce you too 'Olivia'....a vintage bunnie by the lovely nicky of the vintage magpie who can be found here

Olivia is made from mohair & is a limited edition of one...wearing her pale blue cardi with a lace bow around her neck....her ears & body are made in a pretty floral fabric....

I love her rosey cheeks...she is a very cheeky little bunnie....

As it was christmas time olivia came in her knitted mitten..which she fits in nice & snug...

With this lovely handmade tag....

Let me now introduce you too 'little prim bear'....i am still deciding on a name for him,i want something really old fashioned...any ideas are welcome....

Prim bear is by wendy meager of 'whendis bears' who can be found here http:/

Prim bear is made from a distressed mohair & his clothing are made from vintage fabrics..

Here he is taking a ride on donkey...who you will be pleased to hear i have now named as 'teasel'..
Prim bear & Rupert have become good pals...rupert dosent mind sharing teasel.....

Well this week has been a bit of a wash out & not how i had planned....this snow has put pay to quite a lot...we were suppossed to be going away for the weekend too norfolk but have had to postpone because it is too bad to travel..never mind we still have it to look forward too...yesterday i spent in bed with a bad head & feeling generally unwell,today i am feeling better just washed out really so we havent ventured out...poor love of my life hasnt been for a walk,but to be honest he is happy as long as you are with yesterday he was in bliss just me & him tucked up all snug with a packet of digestives & daytime t.v....

Curled up like a little of my life always has to tuck his nose into or under something...i can remember when we went to choose him he was all tucked up with his brothers & sisters & has done it ever since....

Well it looks like the weather is here to stay for a few nothing planned really just to stay warm...i havent taken any 'snow' pictures as i am getting a bit fed up with it now....the poor little birds are desperatly looking for food which i keep putting out but if they are not quick it freezes..poor little darlings....well whatever you are doing have fun!! x


  1. Hello Heidi. Hope you're enjoying the snow and keeping warm. Love the new bear and bunny, but the pics of the little dog are just the best xx

  2. Lovely post Heidi. Love the bear and bunny, do you have an Albert in your collection. We have snow here in St.Ives today, not as much as everywhere else but enough for the school to close, much to Sam's delight!!!! Keep Warm x x

  3. Yay I have Olivia's twin, see her on my Christmas arrivals post! She is gorgeous isn't she?

    Cuddle up with the love of your life and feel better,

    Sarah x

  4. I was thinking he looks like an Albert, and I see noelle above thinks so...coincidence or decide!

    Love the pics of 'the love of your life' my little Rosy sleeps just the same way, culled up like a cat.

    Sue xx

  5. Hi Heidi, happy new year to you all. I am glad you have a name for donkey, Teasel is a good name for him and I am sure he enjoys giving all those bears a ride. That little bear is so sweet, he looks like he has been found in the attic after a long, long time. Oscar looks just like Midge curled up like that, he is such a poppet. Lots of love to you all, Jane xxx

  6. watch thos rabbits H, they are addictive we have 3, loving the bear...happy new year..H

  7. That bunny really is the sweetest, most adorable bunny I have seen in ages! x

  8. OOOHhhhh I'd love a Whendi's bear creation.. you are a lucky gal! Let us know what you decide to name him. Thank you so much for your lovely Christmas card, which I received yesterday! A friend of mine had taken it out of our collective post box at Pottery Court as I had left the studio for Christmas, and gave it to me yesterday! Hope you are feeling better soon xx

  9. What a lovely little bunny! Hope you are keeping warm in the cold weather.

    Pomona x