Saturday, 16 January 2010

Some new & some old finds....

This weeks finds...some old & some new,starting with the new.....This lovely jubbly large cream batter jug...i have admired these many times at the pro cook shop at our local factory shopping outlet & last weekend when we went the jugs were half it was a must!!
& so was this fab steamer..i have never used a steamer before but i would recommend one....your vegi's taste so different with sooooo much more flavour...which is very important if you are a vegetarian like moi...

Well here is the proof of what lovely yorki pudds the batter jug whisked up & the lovely steamed veg...especially the sprouts one of my favourites!!

I bought these lovely blue & white cups & saucers by cornish ware from another dealer down the mill were i have my unit...they are just the right size for mr h's coffee machine....very pleased he is with them too!!

& today i stumbled across this charming old display box again down the mill so i struck up another deal with a dealer....i think i will use it to display lovely items in my unit....sadly there is no key...

Also these old black & white pictures which i have plans will have to wait & see what...these were a bargain at only 50 pence each...i always think that it is sad when you find old photos that nobody wants anymore....surely they must have had some family somewhere?

i love the borders around these ones....

Old postcards too...again more plans...if you look closely you can see the dates they were sent from the post marks some as early as 1904...i love the old writing it was so elegant...

This one is dated 1909....

I have had a very busy week helping out down the mill & making bits & pieces to sell there as i thought i would try some new ideas out to bring in some spending week i am going to hit it big time with my paint brush & give my unit a white wash look so watch this space!!
I hope that you have all had a good week & a even better weekend...i leave you with my little prim bear who i am still deciding on a name for..bless him!! Bye for now....xx


  1. I love your new buys - the jug looks really beautiful. There is something really poignant about those old postcards and photographs.

    Pomona x

  2. ooh i love the bear! he´s absolute adorable! best wishes and a very nice weekend. ;0)

  3. The bear is just fab, what about Aloysius, when i watched Brideshead Revisited years ago i always remember the bear!! x x x

  4. ELIJAH for the bear...can you send me a link to the website I love we do cornish ware...we were devestated when they went ...our whole dinner service is cornish and we need a couple of replacementsso it was great news when they came back .....happy new year...H

  5. Hi Heidi,

    I too have a creamware collection, Burleigh Calico and Cornish Blue, so I thought perhaps you had raided my litchen cupboards tee hee!

    The jug is super isn't it?

    Sarah x

  6. The display box is lovely. I love old postcards, I have some french first world war ones X