Thursday, 19 August 2010

Too earn a few bob....

This week i have been making up some more cards for my unit..i have had some new designs printed,i now have to make them into cards.
I tend to use seascapes for my cards or anything with a coastal/nautical theme as this is what i love but this time i have used flowers & planes for the male population.

i forget sometimes that not everyone likes what i like....

some in black & white...

sorry i have uploaded this pic the wrong way up & i am being lazy & cant be bothered to reload it!!

i will show you the designs when they are ready,i think i am going to order a new display stand for them too,a floor one this time.

I have these lovely lavender filled hearts for sale..i had them to sell in my unit but thought i would offer them to you lovely bloggers...

This sage green silk heart measures 4 1/4'' high & 4 1/2'' wide....price £5.50 plus £1.50 ist class recorded p & p.

Sweet little pink silk heart same size as the green one..price £5.50 plus £1.50 ist class recorded p & p.

This beauty is larger...6'' x 6'' is backed with gold silk. price £6.50 plus £2.00 ist class recorded p & p.

if you would like to purchase any of these sweet scented hearts please leave me a comment with your contact details & i will come back to you...thankyou. x

Now as promised the new members of the family,sorry the pics are not very clear. Fish are not very photogenic & slighty camera shy!!

We have five altogether this four are shadow,tango,sky & jazz..they are sooo sweet.

& in this pic you can see the big guy..'ging' short for ginger.
We have had them nearly three weeks,they seem to have settled in well to the water feature.
They are very therapeutic to watch & we may get a couple more there is a beautiful blue guy i rather fancy!!
Bye for now. x

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