Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Come fly with me...

around Duxford imperial war museum!!
Sorry i hope i had'nt got your hopes up there of some exotic destination!
Saturday we spent the day looking around duxford for mr h's dad's birthday,mr h's dad has wanted to go for years & reminis about his days in service.
We must admit mr h & i were'nt really looking forward to it but we were pleasantly surprised,it was very interesting & very nostalgic.
We started in the Airspace hanger...

it was amazing how many aircraft they fitted in each hanger..hanging from the roof filling every available space.

all shapes & sizes...

look at this beast,you would'nt want to mess with this one!!

And then look at who we saw....

Yes it is CONCORDE....

To give you a idea of the size of this machine this is mr h & his dad are standing underneath it!

Myself & daddy in law standing by one of concorde's wheels.

Inside concordes cockpit...a maze of lights & switches.

A assorment of colours....

With mr h...
This was a lovely old one with lots of varnished wood.....

Standing underneath looking up at the workings of a plane..sorry cant remember which one,there were so many!

I am going to use some of these pics for my cards as i need some designs suitable for the male population!!

Next stop battle of britain....

We were saying how we could imagine this chappie & his mates coming to life at night when everyone has left & the planes starting up.....just like they used too.

I loved these two..the ambulance & fire engine,the fire engine used to carry twelve men pulling the water pump behind them.

This is the operations room....which was all set up as if it was still working. Voices coming in over the radio..lights on the switch boards.

Now going into land warfare....

This is the remains of someone's home..showing you the destruction that happened.
There was also a pre fab bungalow,im afraid i didnt get any pics of that & you were'nt allowed inside as they wanted to preserve the interior,this particular one had lived in peckham & was home to mr & mrs bailey.
This next pic is of the bedroom caravan belonging to montgomery..i could'nt believe it,from the outside it looked like any other army vehicle but when you looked in the window was this posh bedroom,there was also a proper bathroom.There was also his living caravan which had a desk,leather sofa,pictures etc & also a wash room.

This is how it would have been set up outside montgomery's caravan...

& finally the american air museum...

look at this beauty' mary alice.'..

I hope i havent bored you too much..there is so much to see & so much to take in that father in law is going to have to make a few more trips to take it all in,but he enjoyed himself!

Definatly worth a visit.
Hope you are all having a good week so far,next post i will introduce you to the new members of our little family...watch this space!
Bye for now. xx


  1. What an interesting museum! I was sad when Concorde stopped flying.People always stopped and watched as it soared overhead didn't they?
    My dad was in the RAF and flew dakota's and tiger moths,he would have loved to visit Duxford.

    Bellaboo :o)

  2. Isn't it a fantastic place? It's changed a bit since we used to live there in 1960/61 when my dad was a fighter pilot in the RAF. I used to go to junior school in Duxford village..... ah, those were the days!