Wednesday, 4 August 2010

This time last month...

This time last month i went to lunch with my lovely mum & the art group that mum attends once a month. We went too the yacht club back home..being sunny little walton on the naze were i grew up. The yacht club has been there many years & could do with a bit of a revamp now but without taking away its character & charm.
The view from the club is fantastic,unfortunatly we did'nt have the sunniest of days. In the distance you can see the docks at felixstowe.

When i was growing up mum used to collect for the walton life boat & every year there would be a lifeboat day were all the collectors would go for a trip out on the lifeboat & return to the yacht club for a bite to eat...happy memories.

I just loved these pink wild flowers growing on the banks...

It would make a lovely painting..

This is the boat yard alongside the yacht club which is still working.

Bouys & boats...

These house martins were keeping us amused sitting on the ropes...
Seaweed hanging from the jetty..

Moored up sitting patiently....

This little hut is the home of the Town Hard Association which was founded many years ago by my grandad & his friend,it was set up to protect parts of the river from being taken over by the boat yards...i think i have this right?!! Must check with mum if i am giving you the correct story for it being set up. Anyway the town hard association is still up & running today & some of my family members are still involved with it today.
My mums family are a old walton family,we go back many generations a lot of whom were connected with the lifeboat.

This is part of the river the town hard protected.

It was a lovely afternoon..a trip down memory lane,lunch was nice too!!
Well this wasnt what i planned to blog about today but it has been raining cats & dogs here all afternoon & seeing as what i had planned to blog about was outside that knocked that on the head!!
Yesterday i went too see toystory with my friend & her little girl,i would recommend it it was great fun..a bit sad in parts but then i cry at anything!!
I have just baked a quiche for tea & the scrummy smell is wafting up the stairs to me..yummy roll on tea time!!
Have a good week everyone. xx


  1. Lovely, lovely post but now i have to wait longer to see the new member of the family!

  2. congratulations on managing to jog all the way round the RfL course - I only managed to jog the last 50 yards when I did mine!! Lovely photos of your day out with your mum - thanks for sharing.