Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Puppy love...

Hi ,murphy here,i thought you might like a update on how i am getting on....
& to look at just a few pics..i say few!!

Me & my daddy...
This is fun...
They tell me i will grow into my ears...

& my big chunky paws...

I like a lot of cat naps...i dream a lot too..

it's a hard life....


Mummys tells me i sleep in some funny positions...

Sleepy head..
Me & my bro....
what's going on over there?

Beautiful eyes...

Tail too tail...


Mummy with her boys..how she loves us!!
I think mummy is a little tired as i have been keeping her on her toes & i know that she is trying to keep my big bro involved in everything as we dont want him to feel left out as he is very special. My other brother tai likes me too & keeps me company at night times.
I have been to the vets today for my second injection & micro chipping...ouch!!
So at the weekend we can all go out together as i have lots to explore & lots to learn.
Well thats my news for now,i think it is time for another nap...see you soon,love & hugs murphy.
Message from mummy....mummy says hello & hopes to get back to blogging more reguarly once i have grown a bit bigger. xx



  1. He is such a delight - you made me go ahhh! more than once then Murphy! So lovely to see you and your big brother getting on so well. Woofs from Freddie the Westie x

  2. He's so cute Heidi! Lovely to see them both together x

  3. He is really the most adorable puppy and you have portrayed him so beautifully with your wonderful photos.

  4. Can never have too many photos of Murphy..he is one cute puppy! You are all going to have such wonderful times together. :o)

  5. He is adorable, love all the photos thanks for sharing them with us.
    Pene x

  6. Gorgeous...both of them.

    Sue xx

  7. Hello Heidi! You have most beautiful dogs! What a lovely time in your life with puppy!
    You have lovely blog and we will be back soon!
    Wishes from Crete Teje and Nero

  8. OMG!!!! They are tooo cute!

  9. Haha! Just a FEW photos then Heidi!!

  10. They are so beautiful,
    j love dogs.

  11. His little dappled tummy - I can just feel it, all warm and soft! Don't you just wish they stayed that small forever?

  12. Been trying to post this for ages, blogger wouldn't let me! I love Murhpy, what a little cutie, some lovely pics of them together!!! They're not like that long enough are they?!!! x x x

  13. Hi' I've only just found this blog, and I ADORE your little dogs. Can't wait to find out how he's been getting on and how much he's grown.