Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Murphy's Diary...

Hello!! Here we are,i bet you have been wondering were we have been?!!
Nearly a whole month since i have blogged..there just dosen't seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment!
We thought you might like to see what we,when i say we i really mean 'murphy' has been up too.

This was his first trip too the beach at mersea island,which is were murphy came from.

He was very brave..not scared of the sea,people or other doggies...

& of course found a stick just like his big brother!

With daddy...

I think his trip to the beach tired his little paws out!

Loves cuddles...

& toys...

my osi is being so very good & sharing his daddy's lap with his little bro!

Now fourteen weeks old & going for 'walkies',thanks goodness!
He is quite good on the lead,i have now got them on a double lead which makes things easier & murphy has learnt to 'sit & 'wait' at the curb!

I was'nt going to put as many pics on this time but when i came to it i could'nt choose between them,sorry!

Quite likes watching a bit of t.v.

Butter would'nt melt!!

First walk over the fields...

Behind bars!!

Brotherly love!

Power nap!

Murphy starts puppy classes tomorrow,which i think will be good for him.
I want him to mix well,love of my life dosen't mix well with other dogs even though he went too puppy & training classes.

Oscar always licks out my muiller pot in the mornings & now murphy has to chew it afterwards!

Matching neckerchiefs!

Learning too share.

This is what my days & weeks have been filled with boys with a bit of running thrown in here & there...

& at the weekend we celebrated my lovely mum & dad's ruby wedding anniversary!
Happy 40th anniversary mum & dad..we love you loads. xxxx
Thats all for now...hope not to leave it so long this time. x


  1. Oh NO!..we could never have too many pics of Murphy! I was wondering how he was getting on.He has such a lovely little mischievous face! You must be having so much fun..Bella and I are jealous.
    More pics soon...please!!
    Congratulations to your lovely Mum and Dad. :o)

  2. Hello Heidi, sorry I have not been in touch sooner, I have spied Murphy on your blog and am very jealous indeed!!!!!! He is SUCH a SWEETIE so so gorgeous! These are lovely photos of him and Os and I love the one of John and the boys it shows the softie he is. Its a shame we did not get to meet up when you were down, did you not get my email? Looking forward to more Murphy diaries, and of Os too of course. Lots of love to you all, Jane xxxx

  3. Gorgeous photos, no wonder your days are busy!

    Funnily enough my Jack Russell, who looks just like your lovely pair, doesn't get on well with other dogs, especially en masse, Puppy Parties were a nightmare for her and it made her worse, so I stopped going after a few and got her used to meeting other dogs on a one to one basis, she was much happier then.

    Hope Murphy enjoys his.

    Sue xx