Wednesday, 22 September 2010

NeWs FlAsH...

Hello...long time no blogging!! The weeks just seem to fly by...anyway just back from a wonderful week in wonderful cornwall. Just a taste for you above more pics to follow.
And secondly please let me introduce you to the new edition to our little family...Murphy!

our eight week old jack russell puppy...born on the 25th july.

Isnt he adorable?

We only picked him up on sunday so it has been a hectic few days..but he is settling in well. I was more worried about upsetting love of my lifes little world but so far he has been him so much!

And here they are together... my boys!
Anyway just a quickie today while murphy is sleepy byes..will keep you updated. bye for now! x


  1. Awwwww Murphy's so incredibly cute:) Your 2 dogs look like they belong together - I'm sure they'll be best friends!

  2. Oh my goodness..Murphy is so ADORABLE! I am trying to persuade Mr Boo to get a friend for Bella and a Jack Russell would be my choice.
    Looking forward to seeing your pics of Cornwall.We just had a week there ourselves :o)

  3. Good grief, he's too cute for words, man, I'm a sucker for a terrier! They're so sweet together!

  4. Murphy is gorgeous! Can't wait to see where you came to in Cornwall. If you visited Portreath I shall be upset if I missed you. Would have been good to say hi.

  5. There's something so adorable about baby Jack Russells isn't there?

    My little Rosy was the cutest puppy and now she's a wonderful bouncy 15 month old, always inquisitive and lovely with the other animals.

    She couldn't understand the other day why a poorly chicken in the house wouldn't play with her and tried all the doggy tricks of fetching it toys, rolling on her back, play pouncing etc, so funny to watch.

    Have lots of happy times with your two, they look so 'right' together.

    Sue xx

  6. Cornwall! Without telling us! What about blog friend meets! Tut Tut!!! I love your new addition to the family and can't wait to read your holiday stories. Jo x

  7. O.M.G.
    I am totally totally totally jealous. Oh he is so cute ... oh do you think we have room for one more too??!!!!
    If there is a I love Murphy club, please make me a member!! Oscar is just as beautiful too (please pass this on to him) !!! xxx