Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Alfresco & a special keepsake...

Another week has passed since i last done a post & what a lovely week it has been too!
The weather has been great..too hot at times but great for alfresco dining which we did all over the weekend...

Light up the barbi mr h...

& lets enjoy outdoor living...

Mr h is incharge of the cooking outdoors....

Eating with the air filled with the aroma of roses & jasmine....

Yummy...my plate,vegetarian style!!

And look at our first two strawberries growing nicely & just starting to rippen until i go out tonight & some very naughty birdie has eaten the whole flippin lot & i bet i know which one it was too the same one that keeps digging holes in the flower beds & flicking it everywhere!!
Beware mrs blackbird i know who you are..you cheeky little whatsit!!
As you know we went too cambridge last sunday to collect something very special & this is what it was...

My painting by my dear friend julie who you know i lost to cancer,this is one of the last paintings julie done shortly before she died for her last exhibition which sadly julie was'nt here to see.
It is called 'clifftop daisies portwrinkle' which is in my beloved cornwall.
Here it is framed in my bedroom so it is one of the first things i see when i wake in the morning & one of the last things i see before i go to sleep...

We need to hang it on the wall really as it is a pastel painting & needs to be treated with some care...

Thankyou julie...i will treasure it always. xx


  1. What a beautiful painting to remember her by x x x

  2. Hello Heidi. What a beautiful painting and doesn't it capture Cornwall perfectly. Such as beautiful reminder of your friend.

    Lucky you with ht ebarbecue - our weather has taken a dive towards drizzle and grey. Yuk! x

  3. That painting is really beautiful! Such a special way of remembering your dear friend and her wonderful talent.
    Was just saying to my OH the other day that we must get the BBQ out!

    Bellaboo :0)

  4. What a talented lady your friend was, it's a gorgeous painting! So jealous of your garden!