Monday, 28 June 2010

A lovely day trip out...

Sunday we took a trip too cambridge..what a lovely time we had too!
We had a special reason for going which i will tell you about another day,i had never been too cambridge before just quickly driven through it.
We will definatly be going back there is so much to see,we had to be there for 9.00am so we were up before most people so we had it to ourselves to start with.It was a glorious sunny day we started by walking along the river where all the barges were all moored up.

In there bright & cheery colours,by the river is also a lovely big park which love of my life would have liked but he had to stay at home this time.

All the punts were moored up awaiting the rush to start & believe us by lunch time the river was full of them.people having fun on the water enjoying the sunshine!

In many ways it reminded me of venice or indeed italy with the beautiful architecture,the river,the punts & the eating outside of bars & restaurants.

Now we are approaching the town centre...

This family had hired their punt early when they had the river to themselves.

First we came to this beautiful building which was one of the many colleges in cambridge,i think it was called st james college...we found a lovely little cafe opposite here to sit outside & enjoy refreshments & cake while listening to the choir within the college.It was wonderful & yet a bit creepy if you know what i mean it reminded me again of something you may hear in rome,definatly not your normal church choir!!

These girls we think came from the college in their black capes,we think were in the choir.

Walking along the streets aligned with bicycles as this is the quickest way to get about cambridge.

This is Trinity college we did go & have a look in here they were having some work done so only the chapel was open but definatly worth the was like stepping back in time even though the college is in full use today.

Mr h inside the grounds to the right is the of the college date back too 1317. One of the former occupants was sir issac newton from 1642-1727.

Inside the chapel where pupils were having choir practise.

The painting over the altar by the artist benjamin west (1777) depicts st michael binding satan?!

The beautiful stained glass windows of the chapel...

This also part of the chapel,where statues of sir issac newton & other members of the college stand...
Mr h with sir issac newton...fame at last!!

Above the wonderful ceiling...

Outside in the grounds...

When walking along the main streets there are lots of little roads & alley ways leading off in different directions some with the old fashioned street lamps some of which reminded me of 'oliver'.

Another college i am afraid to say i cannot remember its name....

This was part of the college wall which gave the impression you were looking through a window to the glorious gardens beyond...

After some site seeing we found the old market square selling local crafts,fresh veg,bread,cheeses,meat etc...
Today wasnt about shopping so i was very good & did'nt enter one of the delightful little craft/galleries which for me is hard!! We did pop into john lewis which was a nice treat as we dont have one on our doorstep.
These performers were fab,they travel all over they are in cambridge for a few more days then they are off too denmark it was great listening to them while soaking up the sunshine.
It is such a social place..great to sit outside a bar & watch the world go by.
On our way back along the river we stopped at a lovely italian restaurant for lunch sitting outside looking across the river enjoying a glass of vino..aahhh bliss!!
We hope to pay cambridge another visit in august for my birthday as there is so much to see we didnt even scratch the surface!
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Have a great week everyone!!
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  1. Lovely photos! Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves. :)

  2. Thankyou for that wonderful trip around Cambridge.My father used to live there as a boy and would proudly tell us that he once cycled from London to Cambridge!

    Bellaboo :0)

  3. Hello Heidi. Just caught up on the last post as well. These pictures are beautiful and I must admit Cambridge is somewhere I haven't managed to get to myself yet. Thanks for the tour x

  4. What a wonderful day out you had, you did a lot of wandering in all that heat phew! I adore that little street with all the big chimneys. Didnt Oscy Poscy go with you? Jane xx

  5. oh Cambridge looks lucky thing...hope you are well...H