Saturday, 26 June 2010

Where has this week gone?!!

My where has this week gone..i thought i had better sneek a post in before the week ends?!!
Last sunday was spent in the garden with my lovely mum & dad to celebrate fathers day.
The sun even put in a apperance..we had a nice chilled relaxing afternoon with laughs & smiles..

Roses on the table freshly cut from snowdrop cottage garden..i have had so many this year..fresh flowers indoors every day.

Looking through the h cooked us a lovely barbi feast washed down with a few bevi's!!

Please take a pew & make yourself comfy...

The bunting was hung up & the table laid...

This is my lovely sweet mum with mr h & my dear old dad....

Me with my mum,dad & love of my life....mum would hate to know i had put a pic of her on my blog...sorry mum. xx

Bottoms up os!! Love of my life does like a drop of beer or cider & always has to lick the last few drops from his daddy's bottle...hiccup!!

Can you see tai sunbathing on the other table...cheeky little wotsit!!

I am not in the mood mum...go away & leave me in peace to enjoy the sun!!
Even though it is nearly a week late happy fathers day to all those lovely dads out there!!
I have had such a busy week which i will tell you about next week.
I also recieved this award..the sunshine second award in a few weeks. Thanks soooo much ro magnoila of 'soft winds and roses' who can be found here
Have a lovely weekend. xx


  1. Cheeky puppy, that's a fab photo! Love the garden, it looks like a lovely spot to sit out!

  2. Congrats on your award! I love the pic of you with your Mum and Dad and your Mum should not worry,she looks lovely.
    I like the way you have put your bunting under the umbrella like that.I would like that umbrella for my the moment I am using a cheap Ikea one.Bella likes the taste of beer too!

    Bellaboo :0)