Saturday, 13 February 2010

The way to Mr H's heart is...

a sherry trifle....& seeing as it is a day for LuRrVve tomorrow i thought i would whip him one up.
It is now hiding in the back of the fridge,not the easiest of things to hide really!!
And of course he has a bag of goodies too..i got this sweet little clay heart when we were in norfolk last weekend.

There is something about hearts isnt there?

No matter what shape...

or size.
I think i have a heart in every room of snowdrop cottage...

I must show you my hyacinths..look how they have grown & flowered,they smell lovely!

They seem to be quite happy on my kitchen window ledge...

I have to move them at night or my tai would eat them during the night...he is rather partial to anything of the green plant variety!

I felt we needed a splash of colour at snowdrop cottage this week so i bought a couple of bunches of daffs from mr m & s...they have filled two vases beautifully.

They too have a glorious scent....

& really brighten the room...especially on these dark gloomy days.

What ever you are doing tomorrow,how ever you are celebrating the day of love have a wonderful time!!
Let me know how you celebrate well if you can that is,hehe!!
We are going to our favourite thai restaurant,yummy cant wait!!
See you next week when i will take you to 'cley next the sea',....bye for now. xx


  1. Love your hearts, and the trifle looks like fun!

    Pomona x

  2. Hi Hiedi, Looks like you had a yummy valantine day, our house was chocolate free unfortunately! Thank you for the postcard which we got on Friday! obviously it went via Scotland to get here. Glad you had a lovely weekend. Did you adopt another little friend lately as I saw one on Nikis blog that must have had your name on it? See you soon, lots of love Jane xxx