Tuesday, 16 February 2010

& then there were two!!

Love of my life is famous!! He has a double how lucky am i?!!
Oscar number two was my valentines presi from mr h...so he was very much in my good books!!

Some of you may recognise 'oscar' he started life as 'william' but we had it changed through doggy depol!! Oscar is created by the lovely nicky of the vintage magpie,who many of you will already know. You can find nicky here http://thevintagemagpie.typepad.com/thevintagemagpie/
Nicky done a post on oscar on her blog last week....nicky had used love of my life as her inspiration to make oscar (william)...i was so chuffed & proud of my handsome little man!!
He is tri colour just like love of my life & wears a bandana too!!

& he has those jack russell ears..

So today i thought i would see just how clever oscar was...we started with some spelling with the building blocks but as you can see it didnt go to well...thats not how you spell oscar now is it?!!

Oscar has made friends with dear old rupert another of nickys creations...

Rupert was no help on the spelling front either..back to school for these two i think!

So we turned to the abacus for some counting ..1 2 3 4

Uumm i think this friendship might take some working on....
Hope that you all had lovely valentines..by the way the trifle went down a treat! x


  1. That first photo is seriously cute!!

    I bought my Lovely Hubby one of Nickys' creations for Valentines too, more reminiscient of him than any of the dogs, what with Edmund bears' little pot tummy!!

    Sue xx

  2. Oh how lovely to see the two Oscars together, and Oscar and Rupert too! Wonderful.xx

  3. awwwwww bless! that truely is adorable! ;0)xx

  4. Oh my gosh! Look that CUTIE!!! I am so in love with both! The first pic cracks me up! So c.u.t.e!

    Have a wonderful wednesday! Bear ... ooops... dog hugs, Biene

  5. Lovely, lovely. I have a Rupert from Nicky. Would love another of her special critters at some stage!

  6. Sooo behind on blog reading Heiedi so off for a lovely catch up on yours now. Love the two Oscars! x

  7. I did see Oscar 2 over at Nickis, she's soooo clever, he's excellent x x x

  8. Your little dog is so sweet. My grandad had a Jack Rusell and it was such a fun dog. Love the pics of him on your blog/

  9. Hello!
    I'm so glad I found your lovely blog today,and those amazing photos you took while you were in Norfolk.I have been holidaying there since I was 14,first with my Mum,Dad and sisters and now with my husband.It is such a special place,and Holkham beach is my favourite!We have a dog too and it is so lovely to see her run on that huge expanse of sand.We're off there again at Easter and I can't wait!
    Will be dropping in again soon.

    Bellaboo :0)

  10. Hello,
    i jusy stumbled upon your lovely lovely blog today, such lovely photo's and such a beautiful little hound! I can see why he's the love of your life he would be mine too :D
    Your stories are so heartwarming i will definately be back.
    Sending big hugs