Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Beautiful Blakeney...

On friday we packed up the car & set off too Blakeney on the norfolk coast...somewere i have been wanting to go for some time. We were supposed to go the beginning of january but because of the wintery snowy weather we changed it as norfolk was hit pretty badly with the bad weather.
We arrived at our little cottage 'The hayloft' friday afternoon & were welcomed by these lovely flowers,wine & choci's!!
I thought you might like to take a peek inside..it was tiny but very cosey it did used to be a old hayloft. It was tucked up a tiny little gravel driveway with a few other little cottages.

The spiral staircase was a novelty, i did wonder how love of my life would cope with it...at first he looked at as if to say 'on your bike' but then soon got the hang of it. My clever little man!!

Cosey little sitting room with the lovely doors..you can imagine it on a summers evening.

I forgot to take a picture from the outside..anyway you came out of the driveway & straight onto the high street.....
This is the high street...i know thats what i thought not what we are used too is it?!!

Lined with dear little stone cottages & lots of little alley ways leading off to more little cottages full of charm.

I love pretty windows...this one is just up my street.

The view from the end of the high street across to the wonderful quay.
There was a deli,a spar,gallery,chandlers,giftshop & a fish shop...the only ones actually in the high street were the deli & the giftshop!!

This was our first proper view of blakeney & what a wonderul sight it was,i could'nt believe my eyes infact i was quite elated.
We walked down to the quay about 4pm as the sun was going down....need i say more. Enjoy!!

I was so chuffed with these pictures i had to show you them all...i hope you enjoyed them!
We had a mixture of weather over the weekend as you will see over my next few posts but it looked lovely in each of them.
We will definatly be going back again,we are lucky as we can be there in just over two hours which is great for a weekend away.
Love of my life is exhausted today,i havent heard a peep from him,only to be expected we did do a lot of walking & its twice as far for his little legs!!
See you next time when i will take you for a lovely walk along the coastpath too clay. x


  1. What wonderful photographs - I can almost hear the rigging clattering against the masts!
    We love the coastline there and as we are only a couple of hours away too we go as often as we can to enjoy the big skies and the wide sandy beaches at Holkham and Wells. Looking forward to hearing about Cley and Burnham Market!

  2. Beautiful photos Heidi! And a beautiful place . I see your Oscar famous over at Vintage Magpie!! Fab x x

  3. Hello there
    I just found you while blog hopping, your photos are beautiful. Oscar is a real cutie !!
    Twiggy x

  4. I adore these pictures, and can't wait until you post the next installment x

  5. Hello Heidi,
    What fabulous pictures! I love the beach at the sunset too, especially when the sky is clear... you did a brilliant job!
    I noticed you have some problems with the empty space at the end of your posts- if you want to fix the problem, I will be glad to help a fellow blogger! You can email me anytime.
    Have a nice evening,