Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A New Burrow Required...

This little bunnie is looking for a new burrow & not just any old burrow ....this lady bunnie has very high standards!!
A very posh bunnie who likes her creature comforts & only organically grown vegi's!

This dear bunnie is made from a vintage pink wool blanket with jointed legs,wired poseable ears,black bead eyes & lovely thread whiskers,nose,mouth & claws.

Depending on how you pose her ears her overall height is approx 15 inches..this little bunnie is very smartly dressed in her cream cotton dress with fringed detail...she is also one of a kind & was born in america.
I am offering this dear little bunnie for adoption...the adoption fee is £22.oo plus p&p at £5.00.
If you are interested in giving her a loving new home please leave me a message & i will come back to you asap!
I have lots more of my collectors bears from my private collection listed on bearpile which can be found here http://www.bearpile.com/ my bears are under 'orphans' & my name heidi hancocks.
Please take a peek...bye for now. x


  1. What an adorable bunny.I love the colour.Have just been over to look at your bears...they are all so lovely.I'm tempted,but I already have sooo many!I hope you find a suitable home for pink bunny.

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. She's gorgeous!! oh Heidi Ive been meaning to come and visit your blog for a while now so was glad you dropped into mine! I hope you are well, I love your bears and do hope pink bunny finds a wonderful new home very soon!

    Much love
    Julia x x x