Tuesday, 11 August 2009

And here he is again,now i've got the hang of it!!

Oscar is four years old & is the most wonderful little creature.

He is a right little character,so cheeky,sooo loving he just wants to be with you all the time no matter what you are doing. I have never known such a clever little dog,he loves to do tricks.Twist is his favourite,he also adores playing frisby. He also keeps his big brother tailor in check & they also like to share a cuddle,sweet hey?

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  1. Oh my goodness. Oscar is adorable. I have a Jack Russell too. Though she's not typical of the breed in nature. I used to have two but Bruiser passed away last year (devastating). They have such big personalities don't they? And are so intelligent. Found your blog through Cupcakes at Home and when I saw Oscar's picture I just had to come and have a look at your blog. Looking forward to lots of tales about him.