Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Shed come studio...

Our little shed has been many things in it's lifetime..a summer house..a shed & now a studio!

Well it is still a shed as storage space is precious at 'snowdrop cottage'..but a little corner of it has now become my studio. Somewhere i can paint without having to put everything away everytime i paint.

Hubby has made sure everything is water tight by refelting the roof& insulting it so it is now nice & snug!

My jugs of brushes & a picture of my dear freind julie to help inspire me.

Some of my many pictures again for inspiration.

A girl has to have bunting!! Now i have covered my work bench in a matching oil cloth incase of spiliges!!

Here is the piece i am working on at the moment..almost done pics to follow.

And not forgetting my little helpers who sit at mummys feet while she paints!


  1. Hi Heidi, I'm loving your shed, very jealous indeed and your paintings are beautiful! your friend would be super proud of you, keep up the good work lady! xx

  2. I have two very similar looking little helpers! I don't have a proper studio but I would love one, I miss the space I had a my uni, it's nice not tidying up!

  3. What a lovely space to work in and what a sweet little helper. Beautiful paintings.
    Carol xx

  4. Oh how I wish I had a studio...I do have a little helper though. ;0)

    Gorgeous painting

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  6. Fantastic shed - I'd LOVE a workspace like that! However, I am equally as smitten by your little 'helpers'! I have a Jack Russell as well - his name is Byron. They're wonderful companions aren't they!
    Your blog is fabulous - I look forward to seeing and coming back for more!
    Paula x

  7. Hi Heidi I have just found your blog. I love your studio it is really cute with the bunting.I'm after a shed but it hasn't happened yet. Your dog is so cute or is it dogs?
    I will have to read some older posts
    Bye for now Rosezeeta.