Thursday, 26 January 2012

My Folksy Shop....Coastal Treasure

At long last i have got my backside into gear & done something that i had wanted to do for ages.
But sometimes it just takes that certain something to make you actually get up & do it..why i don't know.
For ages now i had wanted to start painting as i admire people who have this amazing talent...i have a few friends who are artists & one in particular really inspired me to get on & do it!!
So last year i started have lessons & i go to a class once a week at this class we learn watercolours which isn't what i really enjoy doing but it all helps in the learning process & i have made some new friends.
But what i do really enjoy is painting in oils as i say i am still learning & still have loads to learn but i love it & find it very relaxing. I just get lost for a few hours in my painting & don't hink about anything else!
I have had a lot of positive feedback so far which is i have just opened my little folksy shop 'Coastal Treasure' can click onto it from my side bar.
I will add more work as i complete it..i started another painting yesterday this one is more textured as i used my pallet knife more so watch this space....

1 comment:

  1. You have definately got a special talent there Heidi.
    I agree it is very relaxing to paint and even more so when you are by the sea. ;0)