Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Yippee holiday pics!!

A few pics as promised..just a taster today as it is still taking ages to upload pics.
Anyway the above pic was on our first day,a beautiful sunny day it was too so we done our usual walk along the coastpath too...
Carne beach..there were other people there,we didnt have it all to ourselves as it looks.
It was very quiet everywere which was lovely for us.

This was murphy's first taste of cornwall & he loved it just like his big bro!

He had been nose digging after a dead crab...charming aren't they?!!

Daddy trying to get there paws wet...osi is better now but it has taken a lot of persevering!
Murphy isn't scared but isn't dashing in either. balls dont last long with these two!!

Me & my chunky for the holiday album.

Cry of the gulls as they glide above the waters edge.

Clean sand free from footprints (or paw prints)!

Day two we set of to another favourite of ours 'polperro',our favourite cornish fishing village.
We done a walk we have done many times before too 'talland 'bay.
There was a haze across the sea & the air filled with the sweet sent of gorse...

The boys enjoying the stunning view back towards polperro.

The coastline changes so dramatically..we were staying on the roseland peninsular which is very pretty. Driving just a hour down the road it changes so much..i love it all!

The white froth around every rock & cliff edge the sea hits.

The lightouse at friend julie has painted this in her paintings more than once.
Julie lived in polperro for many years were she had her gallery...'Tradewinds'.
Just as we were approached the outer harbour this boat was pulling in materials for the new sewage pipe they are laying in polperro...not a pleasent subject i know but very interesting to watch.

A speed boat brought out the 'banks man' to attach the chains from the crain onto the materials.
It is a huge costly job they started last july but have had lots of hold ups due to the weather conditions.

The net loft on the outer harbour.
Then back to the pub for a pint of cornish tribute..lovely!
A stop off in fowey on the way back to have a little look in the lovely galleries.
Next stop Porthbean another favourite..see you then. x


  1. Lovely photos. I do love Cornwall!
    How wonderful to have the beach to yourselves.
    Isabelle x

  2. Beautiful photos and beautiful little doggies! It looks like you had a wonderful time i cant wait to go back to cornwall sometime soon (fingers crossd) and i have to agree polperro is a magical place