Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow at Snowdrop Cottage...

Yesterday afternoon our little market town was hit hard by the big white fluffy stuff!!
Serious white fluffy stuff came down most of the afternoon & settled very quickly.

Covering everything in its path in a thick white blanket.

Waking this morning to beautiful scenery..i love icicles there is something so magical about them..these are on the side of our front porch.

Our street...
So the four of us wrapped up warm & set off for our sunday stroll....

Through the park in our street....

The trees looked so beautiful decorated delicatly in white...

The band stand had a dusting...

Our boys loved it especially osi..he always has & gets so excited he cant get out the door quick enough!

The pond was frozen solid....

Someone's snowman minus one arm as the boys are rather partical to a stick or two!!

I love pictures of trees in black & white..i think they look simply stunning.

Off we set along the snowy pathway...

Mummy's turn to snow play!!

Which way now then?

Through the pretty gateway...

Come on you two!!

Time to chase daddy...

The red rosehips stood out against their white background....

Across the fields covered in a white blanket...

Our little white market town in the distance...

And home to our beautiful tree...x


  1. Beautiful,magical pictures,thankyou for taking us along with you on your snowy walk. The dogs look so cute in their jackets.They seem to love the snow as much as Bella does!
    Your tree looks lovely with all the white decorations. :0)

  2. Wonderful fun pictures of the scenery and your dogs playing.

  3. Beautiful Heidi! Its missed us this time but its been nice to see everyones pictures! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! xx

  4. What gorgeous pictures, and gorgeous dogs too!
    Have a lovely christmas :0)

  5. hi there!

    The photography is so beautiful, like pure Christmas!
    Your Jack Russells seem to love the snow as much as my Cavelier King Charles spaniel!
    Just found your blog, so im a new follower!
    hope you all had a Happy New Year!

  6. Home theater architect Says:I love to keep that lamp in my bedroom,All ur pictures looks so beautifull...Such a Freezing post.. Hope u had a Lovely Christmas!!!