Saturday, 6 March 2010

Mothers day...

Mothers day is fast approaching & a very important day of the year it is too!
So i have been busy making cards & gift tags to sell in my unit down the mill,as usual i have left it until the last moment.
I just seem to have been so busy lately what with one thing or another...i hope you like them.

The tags are decorated with scraps of fabric,lace,old buttons some with old postcards & wire hearts etc.
I should have taken the pics before i put the clear sleeves on them....some of the tags complement the cards.

I made simular ones for valentines...

I might start up my own etsy shop to sell my cards through instead of putting them all in my unit down the mill as it can sometimes be a bit slow & people dont always appreciate the time that goes into making these sorts of things do they?

Im not to sure about these next too..i find them a bit creepy what with the old pics.
I suppose you could always send them to your mother in law....hehe...naughty me!!
I like these two..i enjoy using my rubber stamps.

I still have to make my mums & mr h's...but i have a idea in mind of what i want to do.
I have ordered my lovely mum some of these wonderful daffs from the scilly isles..i think they are narcissus this time of year,well you know what i mean.
I have sent them to my mum before & she really loves them from here:

What do you have planned for your precious mums?

I have just whipped up a batch of these scrummy little darlings.....

choci chip muffins....yummy in my tummy!!
Have a great weekend. xx


  1. I was just wondering about you selling your cards and bits online and then i read the bit about you starting up an Etsy shop, how exciting! I think you will do well! x x

    x noelle x

  2. Your cards and tags look lovely - I make cards using all sorts of mediums, but have never tried with fabrics - do you use a special ink to make the rubber stamping stick to the fabric or just the versacolor?

    I tend to sell my cards at work, and am a bit scared about doing it online, although I have been asked plenty of times.... we'll see LOL

  3. They all look lovely and I can see what a lot of work goes into them.The etsy shop is a great idea! Those muffins look very moreish.I have bought brownies to go with ice cream for supper...naughty but nice! The whole family will be doing a Mother's day tea for Mum this year.

    Bellaboo :o)

  4. Not sure what I am doing yet Heidi. Your cards and tags are lovely. Yes, go for it with an Etsy store cos I'm sure you'll do well xx

  5. these are really beautiful - I can see how much work goes into them.

    Snap ! just ordered some daffs - well Narcissus from the Scillies ! Mum loved them last time I did this and said the scent was lovely. I'll be seeing her Sunday week to celebrate.

    This Sunday, I'm hoping to get the family to take me to Exbury gardens.

    Last year was disasterous - hubby went sailing for hours & hours & I cooked a roast that went all wrong & got upset & shouted at them all !

  6. What gorgeous cards! I love your blog.

  7. Remember me.....I had to deleate cocoa and its taken me ages to find everyone...I love your tags...please pop over to my new H

  8. Heidi, there are so pretty, you definitely MUST have an etsy shop! Oh, and get booking some tables at some fairs too!!