Thursday, 3 September 2009

it's blowing a hooley....

even the wind chime is making a merry tune....

my word,it is blowing a hooley here today....
i am surprised my wirly gigg is still in position & not been taken away in a gust of wind..a great day for washing & even the wind chime is working overtime!...
i wonder if you all have a 'wind' problem today? (not that sort of wind!!),cheeky!


  1. Very windy here, too!

    Pomona x

  2. OOh I know the feeling. I live on the Mendip Hills and it certainly can get blowey here. The past few days are no exception! It can be a chalenge putting the bed linen on to dry!
    Isabelle x

  3. Ha ! Here as well, I went running big mistake almost took of ha ha..
    I love the picture of your beautiful cottage.
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  4. always a bit breezy on the beach! lucky me was down on the beach between Portscatho and Towan today all on my own with little Midge, so nice now the 'groccles' have gone! Midge was doing just like Os and bobbing for a bit of plastic she had found in a rock pool, blowing bubbles and snapping at seaweed. What dates are you down here? Would love to come round to tea one day, give us a ring when you arrive. Looking forward to seeing you all. Love Jane xxx